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FREE Bonuses Include
The Incredible Trifecta System

 How to Place Bet on Favorites
for a Living

It's safe, quick and easy --- it's so easy that at times it feels almost UNFAIR!!

This system selects only certain types of favorite horses and then put each one of them through a set of vigorous rules before making a secure investment. These rules eliminate any risk factors the horse may be carrying. Favorites that pass each of the rules are called absolute certainties and move from being a gamble to becoming a highly secure investment.

It will take you only 15-20 minutes a day to find your secure investment. When you bet on well- priced non-favorites, you are effectively betting against the odds. However, investing on certain favorites that have passed the system rules will definitely set the odds in your favor in a very big way!

This is the result of over 4,500 hours of research! It reveals all the tools you need to know to profit consistently from horse racing betting. It could be your passport to riches. Everything you need to know is in the book!

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Get One FREE Racing Insider Tip
Per Week Straight From The Stable!

 The Horse Racing Jackpot System

 Win all over the world ! This horse racing system works in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand -- wherever you can play the Jackpot, Scoop 6, 6 Pool Win, Placepot or the equivalent.

The best part is that you can test this system without laying a bet, see it work, then choose your moment with Jeff Yates' guidance to win big easily.

Jeff says: This formula has been developed and tweaked by a life long race horse owner. If it didn't work to begin with, I wouldn't have spent time tweaking and testing it to improve it!  I've seen many systems, formulas and dare I say tricks and cons throughout my years at the track and this is by far the best formula I've ever seen for huge winnings.

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Spot the Money and the Value to Win!

 8 Surefire Angles

You don't need a program to look at the tote board and tell you that a horse with 3/5 odds has a superior past performance line compared to the other horses in the race. If he didn't look better on paper than the other horses in the race, then the horse wouldn't be 3/5 !

Horse racing is unique in the fact that every race is an open book. You can see how much money is put on every horse in a race until the very second a race begins. And that forms the basis of the 8 Surefire Angles philosophy.  Visit our web page for angles 5-8 for free. The first four are just too valuable to share for free, but you can get them in the complete e-book.

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Special report on advanced ways to pick winning longshots FREE with purchase

 Handicapping Secrets

"It's not about luck or some kind of betting magic.  It's math... pure, precise, and powerful.  And I will show you how you too can use it to get that extra edge... starting the very next time you place a bet... at any horse race track on the planet." -- Gordon Easton

WOW! A super collection of information, angles, spot plays and more for players from beginner to expert. Use Beyer Numbers? Which Beyer numbers are the most reliable…and which the least? How likely is a horse to repeat the same Beyer Number in its next race, and if so, under what conditions? Beyer Numbers are good, but not foolproof. Do not make the mistake of relying on them when certain conditions exist!

Also: Looking for Longshots - Tips on Trifectas - Detecting Patterns - Trip Handicapping - The Differential Factor - 5 Special Spot Plays - 11 Pick-Six Formulas

Handicapping Secrets is genuine winning magic, born of higher mathematics combined with forty years of fanatical devotion to the sport of horse racing.

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Quality selections at affordable prices


It's all about consistency and that is what we offer at HorseRacing-Selections! We offer quality selections at affordable prices. No pie-in-the-sky-promises, just an old fashioned work ethic. We only cover the tracks that we can attend live and in person and don't farm out our selections to others. Purchase our picks for one day or get the 30-day plan.

Our service is especially designed to make you money whenever possible, each and every racing day! We zero in on key races that offer value and the most bang for your buck.

Your selections will be sent to you via e-mail, attached as a PDF document. Your selections can be easily printed out from your home or office and taken with you to the track or easily viewed on your home/office computer.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

 The 10 Cent Superfecta

"...It's not just about picking horses... Its about making WINNING PLAYS..."

The 10 Cent Superfecta Supersystem is a 95 page manual that explains how to make winning plays using exotic betting strategies and specifically the 10 Cent Superfecta Bet. You will save the cost of this course just by using the bet structuring tactics inside. You maximize your return on investment on every bet.

With the 10 Cent Superfecta Supersystem you won't be betting on every single race. As a matter of fact, you will only bet on certain races with special circumstances that greatly increase your odds of winning. You're not going to just be betting favorites or longshots...you will be finding special situations that create value and give you an incredible upside.

If you aren't satisfied with The 10 Cent Superfecta Supersystem, just return it within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

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Get a FREE Daily Pick from WIREDFIGS!

 Wiredfigs Ratings

WIRED FIGS offers full card figures ratings at major tracks around the country putting 50 years of handicapping experience to work for you.

This is not just your average "fig", the speed figure is run through the system and new figures are produced, very accurate "rating". A rating that will yield more winners at better prices than just the bare speed rating alone. All the work has been done for you. Just a "click" of the mouse and you have handicapped a full card, leaving you more time to weed out the non-contenders and plan your strategy for the day.

Simply put...more winners! Our handicapping formula will take you to where the betting public cannot go. This will give you an edge and produce more winning days at the track!

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200% Money-Back Guarantee

 Smarter Bet Pro V2.0

A huge package of software that features:

1) Calculate how much money you need to stake in order to win a set amount "per race"
2) Calculate the amount that you need to stake in order to win a set amount "per sequence"
3) Let you choose whether you bet in fractional or decimal odds, so it is suitable for worldwide use
4) Let you choose whether the stake in the software shows pounds, euros or dollars
5) Let you round up stakes - ideal if you don't like betting in odd pennies


...and much, much more!

Paper trade it for a week, monitor the results using the actual favourites and use the same filters that I did in my 8 years worth of results (so everyone is playing on a level field). If it fails to make a profit over the 7 days, I will refund 200% of your purchase price and you can still keep the system software and the extra free items that I am also including with the package.

Be sure to visit the Smarter Bet Pro v2.0 web page and read the story of how this software came to be, and if you like, the 8 years of documented results!

Software available only for computers running Windows operating systems

Click here for detailed explanation and screen shots

100% Money-Back Guarantee

 Win Bets Consistently

Win Bets Consistently will give you the in-depth knowledge that is lacking in most betting strategies, betting systems, and just good old handicapping from the papers, charts, etc.

Some horse betting systems do have ingredients that are important so you won't be told to invest in betting systems. But once you understand the ingredients of the several betting systems discussed in the book and separate the randomness of many of the steps, parameters or categories on which those systems depend, you start to see insights that actually help you make profits.

Author van Krieken says "When you know your opponents and the strategies they use, betting on horses becomes a much better investment than most others." It's all in Win Bets Consistently.

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Includes 3 Great, Useful Bonus Gifts!

 Maiden Magic

The Maiden Magic horse betting system was designed to increase your win percentages and unlock the myths and heartaches behind maiden races. By implementing these simple techniques, maidens no longer have to be the thorn in your handicapping side! No longer are you forced to make a blind selection on a crucial maiden race, only to realize you are practically spitting in the wind! Maiden Magic takes you by the hand, shows you exactly what you need to know and will increase your win percentage in any maiden races you bet.

Maiden Magic is truly the original maiden horse betting system in that it covers the wide range of factors in determining a maiden winner, not through one system, but through a total of 5! There are 5 major myths surrounding these races and with Maiden Magic, we cover all of them in great detail. Furthermore, we take these 5 situations and give you an exact blueprint on how to know which angle to use and when to use it! No other maiden betting system lays it all out there for you like Maiden Magic!

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

 The Horse Betting Professor

The Horse Betting Professor System presents an easy-to-follow, easy-to-stick-to, truly effective approach to winning horse bets and it completely eliminates the complexity of many other popular betting systems that don’t really work or that result in very minimal improvements!

The great thing about the Horse Betting Professor System is that you can use it from anywhere in the world. This system is meant for everyone. That means you can use it at pretty much any sportsbook in the world. That list includes Betfair, any of the big UK books, and any book that takes customers from the United States. If your sportsbook offers horse racing, then you can use the Horse Betting Professor System.

I'm not just providing you a system and then expecting you to figure it out on your own. You'll be getting the picks emailed to you as well! That way you'll be able to take your time learning the system and then follow along with my picks to make sure you're getting the hang of it. This will continue for a whole year after you buy the system. Yup, you're going to be getting a fabulous  system AND you'll be getting tips delivered for a whole year!

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The 80/20 Rule System Included FREE!

 Multi Bets Software

You will break all the so-called rules when you use Multi Bets. What a wonderful feeling!

 The Multi Bets Software allows you to back up to 3 horses in any qualifying race. This is far better than Dutch wagering!

Works in Any Country. The software is web based, so you have access on any computer. Works on win and place betting as well. Comes with a unique money management plan for your betting.

Also includes The Dominator Selection Plan by John Pringle. The Dominator Selection Plan is designed for racing world wide. It can be easily used in any country. -UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan or throughout Europe.

The Multi Bets Software and The Dominator Plan make a very powerful wagering team!

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YES! You Can Make Money with the Chalk!

 Place Betting with
 My Mathematical Formula
 and The Diabolical Staking Plan

With a series of say 10 bets, your selections can finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, with odds of just 50 cents to the dollar. Using My Mathematical Formula, these low-priced horses will give you a net return of $690 for an outlay of $1 per horse. Odds too low on favorites to turn a profit? NO! It's all explained in easy-to-understand language in the system.

I'll show you a way to select horses that are in the money at least 85% of the time. You may also have your own way of selection, and that's also fine. I'll also show you how to place your bets, no matter who you place your bets with, whether it's Betfair, the Australian TAB, a US- based OTB or sports book, the Hong Kong Tote or at the track. With My Mathematical Formula, the winnings will go into your pocket.

The key to this is The Diabolical Staking Plan. This is an approach no-one ever thought of-because I invented it! With this approach your bankroll is not at risk! It comes with My Mathematical Formula, of course.

Available in these formats:  Mobile Phone - Kindle - Kobo - Ipad - Iphone - Smartphone - Mobi - Epub - PDF - LIT - PDP

Click here to read the details and the history of this amazing system

If You're Ready to Win More Races...

 Horse Selector

Horse Selector is your one stop source for exclusive horse racing selections across the US and Canada. The art of true handicapping is not just to select a horse based on its last race, but to find true contenders that will produce a lucrative profit.

Horse Selector hand-selects each race based on strict criteria, focusing on overall past performance as well as in-depth analysis of current race track trends and previous racing records at today's track. The end result is a highly profitable select group of races each day, giving you an opportunity to profit consistently over a prolonged period of time.

Horse Selector does not publish races just for the purpose of providing subscribers with typical 'action,' but rather to have a distinct edge in a specific race or races. For those who desire a few select races each day to maximize their betting investment and produce a long standing continuous profit, Horse Selector is the only service for you.

You can cancel at any time and the results are guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain!

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 On Top of the Line
 Sports Selection Service

The OTL Sports Turf Club finds you the most undervalued horses going off at the best prices.  Horses at major tracks across the country...Aqueduct, Hollywood Park, Calder, Hawthorne, and more.

Maybe it's a claimer that's been moved up in class where nobody thinks he has a chance...or a shipper from an off track that's not well thought of...or a horse that's been losing at the distance and is today entered at six furlongs and nobody's paying attention. But don't be fooled. Any horse we designate as Turf Club status is a QUALITY horse that has been kept under wraps or entered in wrong races to disguise his real worth so his connections could get a better price at the windows!

We feature many packages of picks and unique categories as well.

Click here to see the picks categories, tracks, and prices

A Great Tool for Horseplayers!

 Bet Notes Software

Do you have a shelf full of betting e-books and PDF manuals? Do you take ages to find key information and rules about your systems? If you'd like to have all that key information available to you in a simple one-screen software application, Bet Notes is the must-have tool for you!

Bet Notes' features are benefits any player will love:

One screen lets you easily view all of your saved systems' data and information. For each system/method that you build into the database, you can easily set up a link to external result files, such as spreadsheets.

If one of your favourite systems/methods has a constantly updated web site, you can have a link to that web site, and access it via one click in the software.

You can customize colours of separate parts of the page and find what you want faster and easier.

And if you want to fire up Betfair or Racing Post web sites quickly, Bet Notes allows you to configure up to 5 of your favourite web sites, so that with one click on the header bar you can quickly view them.

There's more, and at a great price, too! Take a look for yourself...

Click here for screenshots and video demo

A Great Buy at an
Unbelievable Low Price!

 Sure Bet Maker Software

SureBetMaker - a new and very different type of sports betting software. SureBetMaker uses the SBM Odds System and also incorporates  tools such as Betting Odds Maker, Odds Converter and 1&2 Games To Win. All of these can help to increase your betting skills and your chances to win. Additional systems are also included.

The user interface allows you to select from Decimal (EU), Fractional (UK),and American (US) odds formats.

If you are looking for a solution 'outside the box,' and betting from a new perspective, SureBetMaker is your best choice to boost your betting success.

Click here to go to our web page for video demo and screenshots

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

 Sports Trader Systems

The horse racing section of this multi-sports website features a unique system and a year of picks delivered to your mailbox.

My Horse Professor Trading System

You’ve seen the other systems online. They’re either for the UK or meant to be used on sites like Betfair that you can’t access. Well not this one. We offer selections on some of the most famous tracks in racing: Churchill Downs, Belmont, Santa Anita, Gulfstream, and many more! Wait until you get your hands on the system--you’ll be amazed by its performance.

12 Months Of Winning Picks

Every winning pick delivered right to your email inbox. For a full calendar year, you’ll get every selection that fits the system emailed to you. So while you’ll have the system in your possession you won’t have to do a bit of work....well, unless you consider opening up your email doing work! It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Click here for racing and wagering videos

Get Your FREE Sports Wagering Book!
No Purchase Required

 The Gamblers Report
 Selection Service

In building The Gamblers Report organization to provide our customers the best sports betting advice, we searched for experts who know what it takes to profit against the sportsbooks. We looked for experts with a dedicated work ethic, incredible sports knowledge and an insider's knowledge of sports betting. These are the TGR Experts, whose mission is to deliver superior sports betting advice to help you win.

Our goal is to preserve our clients' trust with well-researched and documented information that gives you the advantage over the oddsmakers. The TGR experts provide the most valuable and accurate sports advice available on a daily basis. Whether you wager once a day or once a year, TGR guarantees to always provide the best product from the best experts in the business.

The Gambler's Report offers daily pick from major US race tracks and multi-track simulcast packages.

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